UpGraded Strategies – Providing Real Business Opportunities

UpGraded Strategies is a Social Network and Non-Traditional business strategies company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  that specializes in connecting clients with online audiences specific to their individual market and industry needs.

UpGraded Strategies uses a system owned process that mines online data, social networks, and new media to selectively engage and connect with significant “Online Industry Influencers” and online groups on behalf of its clients. The specificity of the information produced by the UpGraded Strategies process allows it to locate, prioritize, and engage in a variety of market segments by:

Targeting Marketing, focused on influencer engagment

Fund raising for public, private and non-profit companies

Finding sales prospects for sales and marketing departments

Gathering real online data for research and analytical purposes

Social Strategies

UpGraded Strategies system owned process leverages social and new media technologies to help companies deliver their strategic message to companies, investors, or consumers in a highly successful, efficient, and productive manner…

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Engaging Influencers

UpGraded Strategies monitors industry related conversations relative to its clients and engages key influencers to positively support and distribute its clients message accurately to potential consumers and investors…

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Targeted Distribution

UpGraded Strategies distributes client specific information to potential customers and investors in their industry. This information includes social media press releases, white papers, earnings, and interviews with key executives…

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